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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

waiting for yesterday ...

how would you describe your first day at work in one word? bad? boring? frustrating? sad? lazy? well, let me tell you this is how i had expected mine to be yesterday and all the days before yesterday. that is until today came, of course. and so the question remains: how would you describe yours? mine was all but everything that could have possibly gone wrong! in other words word, it was G.R.E.A.T to say the least. wooohoooo.

the alarm clock went off at exactly 5:50 am, and .... and took off at 6:45 am with monchi for what supposed to be another hard day at work. halfway on the trip, put on my brand-new headset with "Formulae" by JJ72 on my grandpa ipod. *n you shouldnt ask me why the label* reached destination at about 20 minutes to 9, got locked outside with no key. with no choice, patiently waited for my new colleague. from there onwards it just got better and better. apparently there was a power outage on the whole floor, which means no body can get to their work. *thats how dependent we are on electricity today and thank god it made my day and everybody else's. hahahahaha* all we could practically do was hung out at the common area and do nothing. they are all very friendly. well i cant possibly include everyone. but most of them were. i am never good with introduction anyways so i dont n shouldnt blame them. hehe. tick tock tick tock. after reading some outdated newspapers, i got bored and so i grabbed my reading book. gone through a few chapters and its already time for some early lunch. all this while electricity was still out. woohoooooo. oh yeah everytime somebody walked into the room, i crossed my fingers that he/she wasnt the "evil" messenger. hahahaha. anyways they decided to go for a brazilian buffet for lunch. apparently there is this on-going dine "1-for-1" promotion. i was basically following the pack on this. though honestly i wouldnt want to spend the money. sighs. in other words, i was a victim of ill democracy. blah whatever. lunch took about 2-and-a-half hours. by the time we got back everyone was on their way home. half day for the staff since the CEO had announced the decision earlier during our grande lunch. lights out and off we go. a friend asked: "how was your first day?" and i replied: "oh it was great!" and we shared a laugh all around. haha. what a first day. and oh, i was crowned the lucky man of the day since this sort of thing never happened before until i set foot today. yeah yeah yeah!

champions league corner: liverpool is going to athens people! they have beaten chelsea for the title race in last night's match. what a come back indeed. and lemme say this: "F*** Mourinho!" hahahaha. that felt real goooood off my chest. wakakakakaka. on a serious note, man utd is going to face ac milan in tonight's match up in san siro. i really hope the red devils will pull this off. kaka's wrath has to be taken seriously and they got to pull them sleeves alrite. unfortunately i cant possibly risk tomorrow's work for tonite's match so i'll miss this one but my fingers will be crossed tight. man united unite! me out now. Cheers.

Friday, April 20, 2007

pictures in the papers ...

BACK! before it's too late. i soon figured that the longer i stop blogging, the harder it is to get it back on track. i mean dont take me wrong here. i like writing n i wish i can do much more during the period of my hiatus. or perhaps, im just being a lazy dog all this while. hehehe. frankly, i must admit that im getting "rusty" in this. sighs. anyways, bare with me peeps. so, the BIG Q is "what happened?" well, those who have the connections shouldnt face any problems getting the answer. thanks again n again to the magic of msn and friendster. yeah thats right. nevertheless, i still care to share. these past months have been a really emotional roller coaster for the most part. a lot happened and a lot did not. but im glad everything worked out just nice. phewwww. the best thing i must say is that im staying together with my girlfriend. she's been a pillar of support whenever i need her to be and i am so grateful for her presence. thanks monchi! hihihi. and finally the long-awaited reunion came true here in singapore. woohooooooooo! its awesome to be around with your best buddies again after so many years has passed by. and now i am actually living with them, which is hard to believe, yet it's real. picking up from where i left off last time, i checked in to the lion city in mid-march and as soon as i got things to settle down for a bit, i began trying my luck in nailing a job. like always, it started real slow. i was at a point where i literally became paranoid and anxious, having panic attacks at night and finding it hard to fall asleep. things can really get into your head and screw you from within. but she was there for me. and for that, i am so blessed to find her again. as days switched into nights, things slowly picked up a step at a time and i kept my faith that things are going to be better. fortunately i had the support of my family, which is so comforting in times like this. and somehow i've always believe that the way out will open itself, no matter how hard life grinds on you. ultimately it's only a matter of time. and again, it has proven me right this one chance. after all the hard work and sweat, my perseverance paid off and it all happened just a phone call away. in three weeks time, i will be on my way to work. one more time.

i hope i didnt bore you guys with this, and hope i will be back soon. in the mean time, i've been reading this book "Life of Pi" which is said to be a great one to follow through. i came across these lines of script and would like to share it with you guys. honestly, i never saw it this way ever before.

"... The reason death sticks so closely to life isn't biological necessity - it's envy. Life is so beautiful that death has fallen in love with it, a jealous, possessive love that grabs at what it can. ..."

and finally enjoy this great number by Rivermaya. have a great one. me out now. Cheers.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

far and near ...

if i was to be a product, i bet i would have a lil' note at the back of my packaging, on top of the barcode, that says: "Designed in Jakarta - Indonesia. Made in International." i think it precisely describes me. although i was born and did spend my early childhood years in the city, i find myself wandering in it now with absolutely no recognition of its identity being my hometown, a place where i began. and i am pretty sure i am as blur and "green" as a tourist visiting the city, no more no less. i hardly know places around the city - in fact i would probably need a map to travel, or perhaps the taxi's would cure my loss of direction - and i hardly have any friends from yesteryears. it is just so frustrating. and with the poor delivery of public transportation services - though they are available - you need to be able to operate your own vehicle to move around, be it a car or a motorbike. it's like a survival skill for your social life in jakarta, which i hardly have right now. sighs. consequently the enormous number of cars traveling on the roads give rise to the increased volume of traffic congestion in the city. everywhere you go is jammed. it's a culture thing over here. double sighs. anyways just wanna share this with you peeps. i mean my frustration. hahahaha. apparently there are many many more. but they'll pass. i am sure. in the mean time, i'm looking forward to the EPL clash between Man. United "The Red Devils" and Liverpool "The Reds" tonite at Anfield. GO MAN-U GO!!! be sure to catch all the actions eh! have a good weekend mates! me out now. Cheers.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

while you were out ...

another day, another struggle. the sun just set as the young night begins to fall. the city lights up along with the towering street lights, bringing everyone home after a long tiring day. some things went as planned and some might not. but there's always tomorrow. a new day, a new spirit. now its time to relax and stuff yourself with some self-fulfilling dinner with friends or family. so enjoy it! to those who work hard for themselves and their loved ones. Cheers.

P.S. im heading out of town for a bit. will be back soon. have a great one like always ;p

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

X O X O X O ...

wow. here i am. at home at last. pheeeewwwww. miss me or miss me not? hahaha. things are slowly beginning to return to normal here in jakarta. the city is still recovering from the aftermath of the recent serious weather conditions, which i am sure you guys had read or heard of lately. if not, then read between the lines again. LOL. anyways i wouldnt wanna waste my time over the disastrous phenomenon (note: that's what the government referred it to. and that's what i call some serious bullshit!) *crap!!* how sad yet how true. sighs. now let's move on. been spending my time mostly at home, relaxing. just taking the time of my life if that's what you wanna call it. hahahaha. i can see new malls around the city but the rest still remains indifferent for the most parts. especially the food. they are still as good as they were ten years back. and i am sure they will always be :) on top of that, the long awaited family reunion finally materialized. it's definitely good to be back! woooohooooooo. anyways i just wanna say happy valentine's day to my family and friends wherever they are. wishing you guys a super lovely day and thank you for being the world to me! without you peeps, i am nothing =) aite then. im gonna sign off quick. have a good one y'all! lots of hugs n kisses. me out now. Cheers.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

journey to the east ...

life is a string of interwoven stories and likewise, an end to one story is only the beginning of another. i am writing this while looking through a small window in my humble little basement room, which i am leaving behind soon enough. dont exactly know how to feel. a little scared, a little excited, a little sad, a little worried, a little anxious, a little happy, a little bit of everything into one i guess. i almost have everything packed and ready. a few more things and i'll be set to go. and i promise myself not to weep this time around cause i am telling you i am the biggest, major weeper you can find. believe me! no kidding here. hahaha.

i must admit that this chapter of my life has been enjoyable in many different ways, to say the least. i met a lot of great friends and people in general, who i think i will try to be in touch with for as long as i can. i've also managed to fill up my photo albums with as many pictures as i can, for which i guess i should give myself a pat on the back. hihihi. though i now have to pay a price in terms of my excessive baggage carry. sighs. but all in all, the juice was worth the squeeze; and i am extremely grateful to have had this wonderful experience and to have you people share it with me. i do certainly wish more of my friends would come and visit this very blog of mine. to me, it's one way of keeping touch. even a quick hi-and-bye would be nice every now and then. while on the subject, i'd also like to apologize in advance to u heap for i dont know how much blogging i can afford during my stay in jakarta; but i'll try my best i promise. so yeah, thanks again for everything mates!

looking forward, i guess i'll just have to continue paddling against the strong currents in the open water. i am psyched for what's to come in the future ahead and yet i fear for the unknown. fear that everything will go wrong, fear that i will be disappointed, fear that i wont make it to the finish line, fear that life will screw up on me. but i am prepared for all of those to happen. after all life itself is a risk; so why so scared? we are all screwed up in our own little ways; and we should be glad for that cause they make us who we are. as for the future, it will remain a mystery as always. just let it flow. okie then peeps. that's it for my last post in canada. i'll see you lot soon at the place where it all began. peace out n stay cool. me out now. Cheers.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

singapore + english = sing-lish

found this super hilarious clip @ youtube and i tot i should share it with all u peeps here. it's a recording of a lengthy conversation between a chinese customer and an indian dude working at some indian restaurant (read: we call it 'mamak stall' or 'coffee shop' back in singapore). for those who have little or no experience of the singaporean lifestyle, this clip may seem rather offensive and rude. but actually it is not since that's pretty much the way things are in the lion city. LOL. aite now. enjoy n remember: you've been warned! me out now. Cheers.